Thursday, August 11, 2011

postheadericon Some other money making ideas, continued, continued!

On this fine day we will be trying out a fun new way to make money, a little program called I signed up at their site, and when once I clicked on the email link to verify my account I was brought to a fancy looking summary page with graphs and tables and what not it all looks a little bit confusing now but lets go ahead and find out what this program is all about.
Basically has a little widget on their site that you enter a full length URL into, and it shortens it into a nice little URL like this one however there is another function to this, the link now contains a short ad that must be viewed before you are forwarded to your intended destination (you can click the above link to see exactly how it works, it just links back to this site.
Another option they offer is, instead of a full page ad you must wait for to proceed, you can have a banner ad over the top of the page you have linked, like this one
So, now that we know how it works, how much money are we supposed to expect to make from this? Well here is a table from their site that might clear it up a bit for us:
From taking a quick glance at this table we can see that every 1000 page views generated you are paid between $0.50-3.00 for the full page ad or $0.06-1.00 for the banner ad. How much you are paid is dependent on which country your traffic is originating from.
Ok this all seems straightforward, but one of the most important things to check for is how often you can request a payment for all of your hard work. This particular program pays out solely through Paypal and only in increments of $20 or more which seems perfectly reasonable. 
While $3.00 for every 1000 page impressions may not seem like a lot, if you have a page that many people will want to access and you post this link on a social media site with many followers, or if you have maybe an e-book you want to sell you can make your customers access the purchasing of it through this link, the possibilities are endless. 
There is a pattern in all of these money making ideas and that is traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of the internet and thus the lifeblood of our business, making money on the internet. I have been learning a lot about driving quality traffic to your website or blog and will be writing an article or a series of articles about this very soon.


chanonymous said...

i might try it!

Diego Sousa said...

does this really works?

Bersercules said...

Very interesting. I hope to hear more on this!

Kyran said...

Get that cash!


vitaminandmineralfacts said...

Interesting. I hadn't heard of this one. Thanks.

Inverse said...

I'm in one of the shit tier countries so this isn't worth it for me. An interesting concept nevertheless.

romuosezre said...

Thats cool. Its too bad the pay is so low.

Black Ops GB said...

good idea but doesnt seem worth it theres plenty of other ways this just seems to slow